Albert Baruch has worked as professional fashion and advertising photographer since 2001. During 2002 he has been official photographer of the contest Elite Model Look, which purpose is searching for models tallents all around the globe organized by Elite Model Management Worldwide. In 2003 and 2004 he has been official photographer of “Miss Bulgaria” contest. In 2006 he has published an image in the French magazine PHOTO for its annual international contest in the prestigious category “MODE”. In the frames of a joint project with Pin Lab Creative Studio he has won an award in the category Print for Litex Calendar 2008 at FARA – the annual awards of the Association of Advertising Agencies “ARA BULGARIA”. In 2011 Albert Baruch participates as accredited photographer in “Malta Fashion Awards 2011”, and in 2014 he takes part at the „World Bodypainting Festival” in Austria, again as accredited photographer. At the photography contest of the festival he qualifies closer to Top 10 among the astonishing 1300 entries. In 2015 he is accredited photographer at the “Budapest Fashion Week” in Hungary. He is one of organizers and lead photographer of the first edition of “Balkan Fashion Week” during 2016. At the International Fashion Photographers Exhibition in collaboration with Malta Fashion Week, all EU member states are represented by one fashion photographer from each state, with Mr. Baruch representing Bulgaria as a EU member-state at the 2017 exhibition. In 2018 he participate as photographer and light designer in short film contest of “NuBoyana Film Studios”NuBoyana24 Filmmaking Challenge with the film “EVA”. The film is made for 24 hours from script to screen. Albert Baruch took part as accredited photographer at Global Sustainable Fashion Week and made exhibition in Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Budapest, Hungary on the occasion of the Bulgarian Presidency of EU. Albert Baruch participated Style Forecast exhibition of the New Bulgarian University Fashion Styling MA program. Winning award for illustration of Software University. At present he is chairman of the Bulgarian Fashion Photographers Association- BFPA.
Among his clients are also Unicredit Bulbank, Bulgartabac, Procter & Gamble, Inter Expo Center, Siemens, Ministry of Agriculture, Lady’s Romania, Litex, Visages Model Group, Smart Cast, Provocative, Umay Studio, Manga Collection, Swisize and many more.






Nowadays we are all over surrounded by photography. It peeps in from street billboards, stores, posters and advertisements, gets through the computer via the internet; it illustrates books, magazines, catalogues, calendars, leaflets, food packages, etc.

A photo may tell us more than a thousand words can do. It can generate different feelings, making us laugh or cry by provoking different desires and sensations. On the other hand, it can provide information on the world that surrounds us, or it may encourage us to buy things through attractive and stimulating advertising vision. Photos may be objective and purely informative, or may carry a covert and indirect message, thus being somehow subjective and abstract.

Many may ask whether photography is an art or a profession. I believe that it is a profession, whereas the art is created by the soul of the man behind the camera. The camera is a tool for expressing the conception of the photographer’s world. Light represents another means handled by the photographer. Without light there is no photography. In specific tasks light may be manipulated in such way as to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Our aim is to create commercial photography to the best satisfaction of our customers, in compliance with the highest quality standards. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art Swiss and Japanese photographic technology.

What we do

  • Commercial, Advertising and Fashion Photography
  • Professional Portrait Retouch
  • Rental Studio and Technique
  • Consultancy in the field of the Commercial Photography
  • Post Production for Print or other Media
  • Computer Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Infographic
  • Graphite Pencils Graphic