Belintash, the Ancient Thracian Sanctuary


The photo is taken at Belintash which is ancient Thracian sanctuary in the area Elena Balkan, Bulgaria.
Тhere is a legend that has existed since ancient times that makes this oak magnificent.

technical data:
Camera: Canon EOS 5D MARK II, lens: EF 24-70 mm/ f 2.8, tripod: Manfrotto 055, speedlite: Canon 580 EX (the image is taken at night, around 00:00 o’clock with 50 strobes of camera flash)

The Legend:
“The Bleak Old Man” is an area in Elena Balkan covering a territory of several tens of decares. It is called because of the only oak in this region that people call the same name. In local folklore there is a legend that tells of three brothers – traveling leather merchants who were overtaken by a heavy snowstorm and forced to camp at the place. On the night of his youngest brother he met a tall man with a dog’s head and a dazzling pendant on his chest who had asked him for two wolfskins to warm up at night. The little brother saw the opportunity for a good deal and asked for the medallion in return. In the morning he found his brothers slaughtered and skinned, and his own hands were stained with blood. On his chest was the pendant of the creature’s medallion. The little brother wandered from the place to a deep old age, seeking the creature from his sleep. He wanted to bring back his medallion so that his brothers could live again. He died very old, and at the place where he breathed, a tall and built oak grew up lonely in the thick pine forest. According to the superstition, every night at exactly three o’clock, the desperate shouts of the little brother, who is still waiting for the strange creature, can be heard.

photo by Albert Baruch, assistance by Svetozar Angelov and Hristina Markova

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