Exhibitions and Awards


August 1999 European Month of Culture, general exhibition, participation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

April 2000 Photographic Academy- National Contest, Photosaloon 2000- III prize, NDK, Sofia, Bulgaria

May 2000 AME EPEVRY (Association de Mecenat d'Entreprises), International Contest- "An Image for the Future", general exhibition, participation, Paris, France

September 2000 Photovacation 2000- exhibition and medal, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

October 2000 AGFA Contest- Beautiful Bulgaria, Week of Photography, participation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

February 2001 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 10 years Anniversary Exhibition, participation, London, England

April 2001 National Preview 1991- 2000 Photography, participation, NDK, Sofia, Bulgaria

February 2006 french PHOTO contest – participation by publication in category MODE

March 2006 TZUM photographic contest, theme “St. Valentine”, general exhibition, participation, TZUM, Sofia, Bulgaria

June 2008 FARA 2007 awards– joint project with Pin Lab Creative Studio- award for Litex Calendar 2008

May 2011 Malta Fashion Week, international photographic exhibition of Fashion Photographers, participation, Mall "the Point of Malta", Valetta, Malta

May 2011 accredited representative photographer of European Fashion Council for Bulgaria for Malta Fashion Awards

June 2014 accredited photographer for World Bodypainting Festival' 14, Portsatch, Austria

November 2014 World Bodypainting Festival Photographic Contest- from 1300 entries qualifying closer to top 10 with 25 points

April 2015 accredited photographer for Budapest Fashion Week' 15, Budapest, Hungary

May 2016 lead photographer and organizer of first edition of the Balkan Fashion Week' 16, Sofia, Rainbow Plaza, Bulgaria

May 2017 Malta Fashion Week, International Fashion Photographers Exhibition- All EU counties participating by one choosen fashion photographer from every member state of the EU, presenting Bulgaria as a member of EU at the exhibition, Pjazza San Gorg, Valetta, Malta


Education History


1994 - 1999 graduated special high school "National Professional School by Poligraphy and Photography", spec. photography

1999 – present student at "New Bulgarian University", spec. advertising and art photography

2010 Workshop – Cinema Technique in Photography, master instructors- Juan Santacruz & Miguel Espada, Sofia,Bulgaria




2010 - 2013 National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria - associative member

2012 - present chairman & CEO of the Bulgarian Fashion Photographers Association


Professional Experience


1999 - 2000 "Treymann Brother's" Photostudio- photographer, Sofia

2000 - 2002 Kodak Digital Center- copyman and photographer, Sofia

2001 – 2004 Effect Studio – Sofia, 108b Simeonovsko Shouse str /co-owner/

2005 - present Life Studio – 1142 Sofia, 74 Lyuben Karavelov str, floor 4 /owner/

2010 - 2013 instructor of Fashion Photography Courses at National Fashion Academy of Bulgaria for Sofia city

2016 - present Venati Studio - 1407 Sofia, 47 Cherni Vrah blvd, Business Center Vitosha, floor 2 /co-owner/


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