Nowadays we are all over surrounded by photography. It peeps in from street billboards, stores, posters and advertisements, gets through the computer via the internet; it illustrates books, magazines, catalogues, calendars, leaflets, food packages, etc.


A photo may tell us more than a thousand words can do. It can generate different feelings, making us laugh or cry by provoking different desires and sensations. On the other hand, it can provide information on the world that surrounds us, or it may encourage us to buy things through attractive and stimulating advertising vision. Photos may be objective and purely informative, or may carry a covert and indirect message, thus being somehow subjective and abstract.


Many may ask whether photography is an art or a profession. I believe that it is a profession, whereas the art is created by the soul of the man behind the camera. The camera is a tool for expressing the conception of the photographer's world. Light represents another means handled by the photographer. Without light there is no photography. In specific tasks light may be manipulated in such way as to put the pieces of the puzzle together.


Our aim is to create commercial photography to the best satisfaction of our customers, in compliance with the highest quality standards. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art Swiss and Japanese photographic technology.


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