The Relationship Between Idea, Creative Process and Final Product


We must pay attention to the creation of the works on which we work, as the creative process itself is more important than the final result of the work of art. The process itself is like writing and building a literary work. There is an INTRODUCTION, EXHIBITION, and CONCLUSION.

Introducton- idea

Exhibition – creative process and realization

Conclusion – the end result

The original idea and the creative process are the most important part, and the realization of our original idea, whether it is photography, art or other artwork, and quality creative performance will inevitably lead us to an impressive final result.

About ideas:

When creating the original idea, before we begin the creative process, we need inspiration! Inspiration is the engine of our creative potential! These are the books we read; the music we listen to; the movies we watch; the experience we have gained over the years; the other artists we follow and admire; friends with whom we communicate, walks and pleasant conversations with them, discussing ideas and exchanging professional experiences.

All this, mostly the environment we have built, the people we communicate with is the exchange of energy level that we can use as a conduit for creative ideas. Our essence, the energy we carry, makes us look for related souls to attract to ourselves, and communicating with them positively loads us. This accumulated energy potential is a creative catalyst.

Constant search for yourself and creative development back in time leaves a mark on the works we have created. Each work is the result of searching for questions and finding answers. Looking for answers to questions about life, and what is important for us to be happy. The real engine for creating creativity is to realize how little we know and how much we still have to learn. A true crash for our creativity can come when we think we have reached the top and have become the greatest artists. This is the end of our development, in which case the natural path is only down!

Another advice I can give is to try not to imitate anyone. You can take inspiration from other artists, but break through your own prism. Building your own style is a very long process. The determining factor is what we like and with which creative techniques we can recreate it. Which of the varied colorful world is our world. Which elements of the world around us to show in our creativity:

Color or Monochrome

People or Landscapes

Informatisation or Subjectivism

Exact categorization or Abstraction

General Picture or Detail

Color contrast or warm or cold color matching

Accidentally caught spontaneous moment or Direction

Naturalness or Vanity

Choose what excites you. This thing or these things define your style! Show the world and the people through your eyes. To touch and infect the viewer, whatever you choose to show, it will find and choose the right audience for the things you’re showing. Your audience is like you! You do not choose it, it chooses you!

About creative process and realization:

Realization itself is part of the creative process. In the realization of an idea, all the weapons of labor at our disposal come to our aid. From pure physical tools of creativity: cameras, light sources, computers, pencils, paints, brushes, erasors, tires, and so on. to other weapons of our arsenal that are not physical machines, namely our knowledge based on the experience gained from the years of work – routine and technical understanding of how to arrange and build light, whether we are shooting or painting. If we do not have some of the things we need to create the work, in our help are the skills of other artists who are specialists in a certain area – make-upers, hairdressers, stylists, fashion designers, stage designers, etc.

In the history of fine arts, Renaissance, Impressionism, and so on. there have been born great artists that history remembers. They have mostly worked for palaces, aristocrats, patrons of art. Nowadays, with the help of information technology, graphics software and hardware, and so on. many artists are successfully developing in different areas, but it is very difficult to stand out as a unique and memorable creator. It takes talent, a lot of work, perseverance, dedication and time. Social networks, I think, are not a measure of how talented a creator is! The “likes” you can buy them, but not the talent and years of experience! So, from the Renaissance to the present, things have not changed much! Talent or wear it inside or not, it can not be bought, nor years of experience! If you are constant and have a desire to develop, success will come inevitable with time.

In order for an artist to evolve and develop must to upgrade any of his previous works! Trying to be better than yesterday! And do not compete with others, but with yourself! There is another important moment for the evolution of an artist – whether he is doing it for money or is the cause of his life! When it’s a cause, it’s awareness of the essence. You live to create, not create to live! When we realize ourselves as artists for whom creativity is a way of life, it is the beginning of understanding the truly important things in life, and they mark our creativity, change our lives, and why not the history! Life is in us, not we are in life! Creative processes must happen from inside to outside, not from outside to inside!

For the final result:

The quality end product is a consequence of everything described here! There is something important that every creator needs to realize, and it is that quantitative accumulations do not lead to qualitative changes or can not always do the same thing and expect different results!





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